In Photos: Bangor, ME (August 2017)

I would also like to give Alec (he’s in some of the photos) and his lovely family an official thank you for hosting me and showing me around! Also to Alec’s teammates that we told that I was the new shot pusher and joining the track team, well, it was lovely to crash your practices and I wish you a great season. GO UMAINE BLACK BEARS! I realize my blog recently has been flooded with posts of travel photos. I am going to be posting more written content soon, but in all honesty, I’ve just been in a creative funk and at…

On traveling, buying things, never making enough and living​ for right now.

Originally written sometime in April 2017. I am typing this as I am on the train to Edinburgh from where in couple hours I will be catching my flight to Spain. I have barely enough money in my bank account to cover my hostel and definitely not enough to live ‘ravish’ for 8 days in Barcelona. I have a steady job that pays my bills, I am making more money than I did when I was on my placement (I was severely underpaid but that’s a story for another day) working full-time. Somehow, I traveled back then when I was…

In photos: Boston (August 2017)

  Few photos from my time in Boston. I’d quickly like to note that Boston was my favorite city I had the pleasure of visiting this summer in the US. The Freedom Trail is an incredible way to explore the city and its history. In a nutshell, it’s a trail that runs all the way across the city and it’s marked with a red brick trail into the pathways, it’s very easy to follow. Pro tip: If you’re looking for a skyline of the city Independence Wharf’s viewing deck is open to visitors for free to access during the opening hours….

In photos: Barcelona (April 2017)

When I first visited Barcelona a few years ago I only got to see the ‘pretty’ and ‘touristy’ side of this city. This time around I had more time to explore the city and maybe others fall in love with the arguably stunning architecture or the people, food, lifestyle whatever it may be. However, this is my take on the city and what I find so incredibly breathtaking abut this city. Art.  I find Barcelona inspiring. There is art everywhere in the architecture, in the museums, but most importantly when you leave the glitz and the glam of city center…

In photos: New York (August 2016)

This isn’t nearly all the photo I took in NYC. Some of these are Simona pretends to be artsy and some are Simona tries to recreate cliche NYC stock images/desktop wallpapers. Besides pretty touristy photos there are also some pictures I saw this (poster, sticker etc.) on the (street, subway, etc.) and never posted it anywhere so I’m gonna include them here kind of photos. Go spread some kindness, god damn it.