In photos: New York (August 2016)

This isn’t nearly all the photo I took in NYC. Some of these are Simona pretends to be artsy and some are Simona tries to recreate cliche NYC stock images/desktop wallpapers. Besides pretty touristy photos there are also some pictures I saw this (poster, sticker etc.) on the (street, subway, etc.) and never posted it anywhere so I’m gonna include them here kind of photos. Go spread some kindness, god damn it.

In photos: Rome (March 2015)

I’m sure everyone has experienced and taken part in those 4 am drunken conversations in someone’s kitchen with fellow peeps where the discussions vary from politics to my-life-would-be-perfect-if or I-really-want-to-do-this – the true moment of vulnerability where you for once are not afraid to voice your ambitions out loud. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. I would always blab about how I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and how I want to see the world, you know really see the world. So when I got my good paycheck I decided to book a trip to…