Mental wellbeing. Hi, I’ve started therapy.

There is a certain stigma that follows mental illness, especially where I come from. Having mental issues is seen as phony and shameful. I think in a lot of ways society fails those with mental disorders because of these stereotypes and the momentum of ‘just suck it up’. In truth, mental health is much broader than your ‘typical’, ‘average’, ‘popular’, ‘common’ or ‘more known of’ mental issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders or more serious illnesses like narcissism, schizophrenia etc. Mental wellbeing is not a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow bridge that everyone without a mental disorder magically crosses….

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Mental health awareness week #mhaw17.

I have long given up on not wearing shorts and skirts when my knees are bruised because then I would have to wear long trousers all day every day – I’m an extreme case of clumsy, gravity and I have a love/hate frenemy relationship. When I fall and there is blood or a bruise people acknowledge that as an injury, something causing pain. Some struggles can’t be seen by the naked eye, some struggles never really go beyond being in our heads. Today, I want to talk about those struggles. I believe the world’s population is divided into two groups (yes,…