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What follows is an example of my writing. This was a press release I wrote while I was undertaking my placement. I later outreached the press release as well and gained some coverage with local and trade media.  




AboveandBeyond has announced a partnership with the Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team (NNPMRT). The volunteers will be provided with fully updated Ordnance Survey (OS) mapping, discounted kit, and clothing. Additionally, once per quarter partial revenue of every OS map sale will be directly donated to NNPMRT.

NNPMRT volunteers conduct professional, often dangerous rescue operations on a day-to-day basis. Every rescue volunteer provides their own kit, and completes training in their free time, much of which has a cost associated with it – also funded by the volunteers.

AboveandBeyond will be swapping NNPMRT’s outdated maps with the new editions of OS map and will provide new revisions regularly. Once per quarter, AboveandBeyond will be donating a proportion of profit directly to NNPMRT for every OS map sold, while a special discount on any kit or clothing will also be offered to NNPMRT volunteers. In addition to this, AboveandBeyond will be raising awareness of outdoor safety with their customers by featuring relevant and useful advice (provided by NNPMRT) on their website, while also encouraging volunteering opportunities with NNPMRT.

“AboveandBeyond are extremely pleased to recognize the amazing work of the NNPMRT, and in doing so feel it is only natural to support them.” said Darren Smith, Director of AboveandBeyond.

“NNPMRT Team Leader, Iain Nixon, has been a customer for some years, and through a chance conversation, we became aware of his role with Mountain Rescue. We feel strongly that AboveandBeyond should not only provide the best equipment for outdoor activities but that we should also be able to offer sound advice on staying safe and support those risking their lives to save ours. It’s a really exciting partnership to have and we are thrilled to be involved with such a worthwhile organization.”

NNPMRT volunteers respond to around 35 incidents per year. This, their 50th year, has been one of the busiest to date, with 33 incidents. The Team’s typical operating cost is £20k per year, and on top of this, costly capital equipment (such as two Land Rover Ambulances costing £50k and £70k respectively) must be replaced periodically.

Ian Nixon, Team leader of NNPMRT said: “We are very excited by this new partnership and AboveandBeyond are providing a great deal of support to individual volunteers. With the frequency we are out, often in bad weather when people are in trouble, maps do get damaged and replacements are often needed. In addition, the financial assistance offered to the team as a whole, from the sale of OS maps at AboveandBeyond will help reduce the huge annual fundraising burden of keeping the team operational.”


For further information, please contact:

Tracey Lee Binns Smith, Director Iain Nixon, Team Leader
Above & Beyond Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team
E: E:
T: T:
Web: Web:

Notes to editor:

  • High-resolution images are available upon request.
  • AboveandBeyond is an online retailer of kit for outdoor enthusiasts and winner of ‘The Great Outdoors Magazine’s Online Retailer of the Year’ award. We’re passionate about bringing together some of the outdoors best brands and delivering those goods with world class service. A specialist team offers advice and guidance and online you’ll find heaps of information to help you make the right choice for your chosen adventure, expedition or ramble.
  • The Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team (NNPMRT) provides a search and rescue service in the Northumbria Police area. The operational area covers 2,159 square miles and includes the whole of Northumberland and the conurbation of Tyne & Wear.

The Team is affiliated to the regional body, North East Search & Rescue Association (NESRA), and the national body, Mountain Rescue England & Wales (MREW).

Calls for assistance include not only search and mountain rescue of walkers fell/trail runners and mountain bikers in the uplands of Northumberland but also the search and rescue of missing children and vulnerable adults in rural and urban settings.

All members are volunteers and have a shared interest in providing a vital life-saving service. Members continuously train in all the core skill areas (hill craft and navigation, search, communications, first aid and casualty care, technical rescue, etc.) and are equipped to enable them to operate effectively in all types of terrain and in all seasons.

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