Multimedia Journalism: broadcast journalism

Please see below examples of broadcast journalism I’ve worked on while undertaking my MA studies.

While I’ve truly enjoyed working on these pieces, I still have lots to learn when it comes to broadcast journalism, video and audio editing. 

Newcastle City Pool.

This was a group project. We were in a group of 3.

Mark: 76%

Presenter link:  The City Pool was supposed to be refurbished and open to public earlier this year after being closed in 2013. The opening was pushed back by a year due to “technical difficulties and unforeseen delays”. We have gained exclusive access to the recently established building site to see the progress of the renovation. Simona reports.

Northern Lights MCC Newcastle.

Individual work. Audio issues due to a faulty lapel mic cable. Equipment and editing facilities provided by the university.

Mark: 76%

Presenter link: For decades Christian LGBTQ+ people had been struggling to find a place they belong to. Northern Lights MCC offers a safe haven for rainbow community members in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is the only LGBTQ+ friendly church in the North East and welcomes everyone LGBT or not. Simona reposts.

Interview with Felicity Brown from Gymtopia.

Individual work. Some camera work shot by another student, we were in pairs helping shoot these long-form interviews. 

Mark: 78%

Presenter link: Two years ago Felicity Brown was a gymnastics coach working for various small communities across the North East. But she dreamed of training the next generation of Olympic gymnasts. So in 2016 she sold her house and gave up her beloved horses to fund her passion. Today she is the owner of Gymtopia gymnastics gym in North Gosforth and trains hundreds of budding young gymnasts each week. Simona Bojare sat down with Felicity to hear her story.



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