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Netflix lessons: the lessons I learned from binge watching The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Netflix lessons: the lessons I learned from binge watching The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Hi, my name is Simona and I am a …

… serial binge watcher.

So here are some of the lessons I learned from binge watching The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

  1. Parents are from Mars that’s why they say silly things
  2. A half bathroom is a bathroom but doesn’t have everything a normal bathroom has. You should only use a full bathroom and not take any chances.
  3. Will Smith has got some serious moves, so has Carlton.
  4. A proper Philly cheesesteak will leave grease stains on the paper bag so big you should be able to see through them.
  5. Law of nature: the survival of handsomenest.
  6. Sherlock Homeboy specialises in revenge.
  7. There is no Milli Vanilli, but there definitely is Santa Claus.
  8. We shouldn’t be fighting; it’s so barbaric.
  9. Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X
  10. You should only get married when you’re old and grey – right around about 29 or 30 years old.
  11. Pimple is a reason enough to blow off your prom date.
  12. If someone offers your a 1mill to dribble a ball, don’t be a fool and take it.
  13. Baldness is hereditary.
  14. Don’t let a honey and her money do this to you, man.
  15. Wearing a shower cap and running trough sprinklers isn’t very cool.
  16. If your parent divorce, you should stay with the one that gets the house.
  17. You’re definitely not the father of the child if you’re still a virgin.
  18. Cheating is bad.
  19. The father that walks out on you can’t and won’t teach you a damn thing about how to love your kids.
  20. In the 90s, Donald Trump hadn’t reached his top Pokemon stage – fat, orange lunatic. Bonus: in the 90s, only Ashley thanked him for ruining her life, today we all have.
  21. To be a good friend, sometimes you have to risk losing a good friend.
  22. Human sexuality 420 is a graduate course.
  23. When caught in a lie, just keep lying. No, it’s not a fake moustache. No, it’s not.
  24. If you’re a talk show host trying to reach the African American audiences, modelling traditional African fashion on white models isn’t the way to do it.
  25. We were all once inside a woman’s body.
  26. No bungee expert or nothin’ but you’re not supposed to be slamming into the ground.
  27. When you move out of your parents home, you should be having sex. Safe sex that is and lots of it.
  28. Trust is a very fragile thing, and you’re gonna have to start earning it.
  29. Finding out Kermit the frog is just a piece of green felt with a hand up its butt compares to finding out that one of your oldest mates is a shady businessman.
  30. Setting career goals is necessary, but it’s foolish to expect that they’ll fulfil you completely.
  31. You know what’s the best way to get “in” with your new modelling agency? Just invite them over and get butt naked in the living room.
  32. Bowling offers: quick high, cheap trills and fast women.
  33. It is a sad, sad day, indeed when Will Smith becomes the voice of reason.
  34. You better take your horsehair weave out off here.
  35. It goes 48, 49 and a jillion.
  36. It takes a bit of time to realise your potential.
  37. Never give dad any bad news when he’s hungry.
  38. You should chat to your family on Sundays.



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