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How far would you go to bring the world together?

How far would you go to bring the world together?

What follows are two instalments of thoughts from taking part in the momondo’s The World Piece. I’ve written my thoughts down as diary entries and I hope you guys enjoy it. I believe the first videos that have been released are only the beginning or at least I hope so!

March 28th: Spring is for a new beginning 

Yesterday I was part of something that I still don’t know how to put into words. My hear is full. I have hope in humanity. 

I’m so grateful to have shared the circle with another 60 amazing humans and their stories. This experience made me feel home, love and so much pain as well. I’m so grateful I was there to witness Alex’s story of finding strength in himself to reach out. Hagai’s story of struggling to put his demons behind him. Starry’s story of hope and finding a home in new places and trough that healing self. Pauline’s story of having the strength to start over. Shannon’s amazing story of growth and letting love into her heart.  Jack’s story of escaping death, losing family and dealing with survivors guilt. Reva’s story of segregation and teaching his son what it means to love the world and believe in your dreams. Eliana’s story of being a mother above all. Jane’s story of being a badass at 70, no being a badass at any age. 

So. Much. Love. Melinda said she next time she felt like ending her life, she’d think of the circle and how somehow it would be incomplete without her. My heart both broke at that moment and became full.

60 strangers. A family scattered around the world sharing a bond for life with the evidence right there on our skin. 

60 half naked strangers going into a group hug. 

60 strangers standing in a complete circle shoulder to shoulder.

60 strangers that will never meet again not as a whole circle but that’s forever connected.

My heart is full. I feel humble. 

Wherever you guys are around the world – I love you, I hope you are well, I hope you are happy.

May 29th: Reflecting

Now that ‘you’ve returned to your daily lives and had a few months to reflect, what have you taken from the experience?

Humanity. Compassion. Love. Family. World.

These are the words that spring to my mind first when I think about 60 strangers standing in a circle together bearing their hearts. Now with few weeks passed we’re learning of each other and the little things. We’re 60 strangers that were brought together by something bigger than us. We speak to each other every day, and every day we learn what makes us individuals – we disagree, we laugh, we support, and we plan. There is a fire in us, and we want to share what we went through with the rest of the world, and we do so in our own little ways.

For me, the biggest thing I’ve taken away from this is listening, putting away my ego and my problems and really listening. Listening to what people have to say or what they can teach me. Listening to their stories and really feeling the pain that they feel or the joy they have. It’s translated into our communication now as well. We’ve found a group of people that we can always go to share the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s translated into my own life too. I finally understand what it is like to listen.




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