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Skin care line for dry, patchy skin – what I use on my psoriasis

Skin care line for dry, patchy skin – what I use on my psoriasis

A couple of months ago, I was kindly sent the full line of Balmonds* skincare to try out. As I’ve been using it for a while, I’ve written down a few of my thoughts. To give you a better understanding of my experience, I must explain what my skin is like first.

I’m pretty lucky to have very little blemishes for the most part on my face. I’ll get an occasional hormonal pimple or blackheads (mainly in my T zone). My skin tends to be on the dryer side in the winter and more normal during warmer months. I also have mild psoriasis that I get on my ears and unusually a few places on my arms. I had a new patch appear on my neck, however, that by now has subsidised. I also have tattoos on my legs, which affect my skincare routine usually.

I use tea tree oil on any visible blemishes and pimples and moisturise daily. Other than that, I use a face scrub whenever I feel like it, a tonic and a hydrating face mask a few time a week. I also have cleansing water for removing my make-up. That’s pretty much it.

I first came across Balmonds months ago, when they kindly sent me their skin salvation for tattoo care. I still love the product (I’m half-way done my second jar), and I’ve used it to heal all my new tattoos. I can’t recommend it enough! They gave a discount code ages ago, which might still work – SIMONA20. Also, I’m so happy it now comes in a glass jar rather than plastic.

I hadn’t tried the rest of their skincare line, this was my first time, and I was intrigued. I’m usually pretty good with switching out skincare as my skin (at least on my face) isn’t particularly sensitive.

Intensive hand cream

The skin on my hands is ridiculously dry, more so during the colder months but even in summer. I sleep with cotton moisture gloves on multiple time of week just to keep the skin my hands somewhat hydrated – I tend to do this less as it gets warmer. Because of the size of this cream I’ve been keeping it in my purse and using it sporadically throughout my days. The entire line is scent free as it’s meant for sensitive skin.

Something that I really appreciate about this product is the packaging (not the fact that it’s plastic) but the fact that it has a pump. Yes, ideally I’d prefer a more sustainable packaging, but the convenience of the pump is noteworthy.

Daily moisturising cream

I’ve used this on my face as my morning moisturiser for the most part. In the evenings I prefer a heavier moisturiser to which I’ll add oil as well. Similarly, to the hand cream, this product is scent free, which I imagine lots of people will enjoy. It’s quite heavy and could double as a night cream if you’re oilier skin type. I find it when I put it on right before I leave for work, if it’s warmer outside and I break a bit of sweat, I can feel this product siting my skin. Usually, to me, this only happens when I put on a heavy night cream and then sweat.

As mentioned previously, I had a new psoriasis patch appear on the side of my neck. By now, it has nearly gone away. While I don’t want to attribute that to this cream alone as it most likely was a combination of my entire skincare routine, I think this was an excellent addition to my skin. Again, I enjoy the pump top; however, the plastic packaging is problematic.

Bath & body oil

I’m not too keen on this as a bath oil, mainly because it leaves a residue on my bathtub. It’s also no good for shaving – it clogs up the razor like nobody’s business. However, what I’ve started using it as is my daily body moisturiser. I put it right after I get out of the shower and I’m still covered in water droplets to lock the moisture in. It has a lovely earthy scent to it. It’s not scented, it’s a natural product so the smell of it must come from the natural ingredients.

I must admit it hasn’t done much for my psoriasis patches. I mean anyone with psoriasis knows that there isn’t much that can be done and, unfortunately, I’m yet to come across a cream or some other type of remedy. Thankfully, my psoriasis does not itch, crack or get painful (touch wood) but I can imagine this line offering a bit of calming relief. I say this because on the second day after having a tattoo, my skin is usually irritated, and the skin salvation does an excellent job at calming my skin. Since it’s part of the same line, I’m assuming the rest of the product might have the same effect on troubled skin.

Overall, I quite enjoy using Balmonds products on my skin. I think as a whole, the company could strive for more sustainable packaging, but overall, I’m impressed with the quality of the products. As you might have guessed, I will definitely be re-purchasing some of these! So there ya go, a skin care line for those with sensitive and dry skin – remember to give your skin and yourself a bit of kindness as well!


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