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Getting a tattoo? Here are a few things you need to know.

Getting a tattoo? Here are a few things you need to know.

This post is all about getting them tats done.

DISCLAIMER *insert sirens and flashing lights* I am not a tattoo artist, a doctor or even heavily tattooed person. These are just things that I’ve researched and found that work for me; however, always speak to your artist especially about aftercare, they’ll be the best person to advise you.


  1. Research your artist:
    • Tattoos are expensive, so if you find an artist that will do a piece for dirt cheap, it’s probably too good to be true.
    • Find an artist that specialises in what you want. If you want clean and crisp linework, then find an artist that does just that. Don’t go to someone that does neotraditional tattoos and ask for a realism piece. LOOK AT THEIR PORTFOLIO.
    • DO NOT JUST GET A DESIGN OF PINTEREST AND COPY IT, THAT IS NOT COOL. To be fair if you go to an artist that’s okay with that then know they’re probably no good.
  2. Make sure you have food before your session. It’s essential your energy and blood sugar levels are up.
  3. Be well rested and feeling good before your session as even an hour session takes a toll on your body.
  4. Don’t drink alcohol, caffeine or take painkillers. I’ve heard all three are blood thinners. This is important as it’ll affect the bleeding during the session as well as bleeding after the tattoo is complete. Thinner blood impacts how well ink gets absorbed and the healing.
  5. Make sure you’re hydrated.
  6. Plan out what you’re going to wear for the session. You want to make sure that what you’re wearing will make the getting the tattoo comfortable as well it’s not going to be too restrictive afterwards. For example, if you’re getting a leg tattoo I’d avoid wearing jeans (especially tight jeans) – jeans are restrictive and thick material, you want to make sure whatever you’re wearing is not going to rub against the tattoo once it’s freshly done. If you’re getting a back tattoo don’t wear anything that you can’t take off – go for a shirt and bottoms – nothing worse than sitting in the studio butt naked for hours.
  7. Don’t settle for a design if you don’t love it. It’s going on your body for forever so if you want a Bugatti tattoo, get a Bugatti tattoo not a VW Beedle. It’s okay to ask the artist to make changes.
  8. Listen to your artist. Your artist is an expert. This should be a collaborative effort – if your artists tells you that specific placement won’t work well for the design then listen to them! I’ve heard that palm tattoos are notorious for blowouts (this is when the ink ‘bleeds out’ under your skin and casts almost like a shadow), due to this chances are your artist would advise against very intricate and detailed pieces on your palms and instead suggest opting for clean lines with minimal detail.


  1. Have breaks and ask for breaks if you need them. It’s better to have a 5-minute breather than having you pass out. If you’re getting a tattoo in a place where it makes the tattooing process awkward for you, then ask once in a while to have a bit of a stretch.
  2. Bring food/drink with you – if you’re scheduled for a long session, make sure you have some snacks with you to keep your blood sugar levels okay. You also want to make sure you keep staying hydrated throughout the process.
  3. It’s going to hurt, and some parts are going to be worse than others, so remember to breath (steady breaths) and not move too much.
  4. Distract yourself – chat to the artist, listen to music do whatever you need to distract yourself from the pain and discomfort.


  2. Leave a fresh tattoo covered up for as long as the artists tells you for. I love it when instead of wrapping it in clingfilm, then put ‘second skin on’. It means your tattoo is wrapped up for about a day or longer and it’s shower safe too. I’ll be getting some myself as now I’ve had to take big breaks of gym, but with this, it makes working out so much easier. 🙂
  3. You want to avoid heavily scented shower products. Once you take the wrapping off – lightly wash the tattoo and tap it dry. DO NOT SCRUB OR RUB.
  4. Once the tattoo is healing it will get itchy – DO NOT SCRATCH IT. I know it’s SOOOOO hard, but it’s crucial you don’t pick at it. The itchiness is probably the worth part about heeling.
  5. Tattoo flakes and it looks like ink is coming out when it heels – DO NOT STRESS ABOUT THIS.
  6. Apply tattoo healing ointment (not too thick) – I do it twice a day, and I use Balmonds (previously PurePotions) Skin Salvation. It is incredible. I’ve gone through 2 pots now. They sent me a sample back in February but since then I’ve fallen in love with the product and have repurchased it! I have a discount code SIMONA20 that is still active and should get you 20% off. It’s all natural ingredients, fragrance-free and helped me heal all my tats really well.
  7. Avoid taking baths, swimming or soaking your new tattoo in any way for a few weeks.


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