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Recipe: vegan high protein porridge (oats)

Recipe: vegan high protein porridge (oats)
[gifted] Includes a review of a product that was sent to me. All opinions are my own.

I love, love, love, love porridge (oats). Especially high protein porridge after a workout for breakfast on the weekend. Really this recipe is very straight forward, super simple but most importantly vegan and yummmmmy!

It’s so filling, and I ended up only have half of it, so this recipe definitely serves at least 2 if not even 3. 🙂


  1. 45g rolled oats (I use Quacker’s wholegrain jumbo rolled oats – these come in a cardboard box as well – yay, for reduced waste)
  2. Approx 320ml plant milk (I used a mixture of Alpro’s unsweetened soy and almond) – depends if you like your porridge on the runny side or thicker
  3. Approx 30g vegan protein (I use MyProtein unflavoured vegan blend)
  4. Approx 200g plain soy yogurt ( I used Asda’s free from one)
  5. Vanilla flavor drops (I add these just because my protein powder in unflavoured)
  6. 30g flax (I use Linwood’s flax with bio cultures & vitamin D)
  7. Approx 2 TBS chia seeds (you could also do soaked chia seeds and skip the yogurt)


All of these are optional, and you can switch them out to whatever you like. However, I used:

  1. Blueberries
  2. Raspberries
  3. Dragon Fruit (this was a treat, and I very rarely buy it as it’s so expensive)



  1. Combine all dry ingredients in a suuuper cool Thai coconut shell bowl like this one*
  2. Add milk to the dry ingredients – mix well so that all the protein powder is mixed in (you don’t want chunks of dry protein powder in your porridge)
  3. Mix in yogurt and flavor drops – this makes it creamy and also adds extra protein
  4. Pop in microwave for about 2-3mins (you can also boil it on a hob)
  5. Be careful the bowl now is hoooooot! Mix well the mixture, if neede pop back in the microwave
  6. Add your toppings
  7. Enjoy!

It’s a pretty straight forward recipe, but it’s one of my favorite meals to have on the weekends as it’s sooooooo satiating yet super macro friendly.


Anyways, can we appreciate the cool bowl? I was kindly sent a set of two, and I must admit it’s become my favorite bowl to eat out of. They’re eco-friendly, seems to be okay to be put in a microwave and hold a huge meal (if like me like to eat out of a bowl). For those zero waste warriors and chaps out there, these are waste free and hand made from reclaimed coconut shells. What I love most that each bowl is 100% unique with its own color, shape, design, pattern, therefore, may have dents and imperfections – such a charming feature! Anyways, these are for grabs on Amazon, and if you use the code TKCD9I98, you can get 10% off of these babies (expires March 31st).

With that, I’m off to have some yummy porridge and share some kindness. Yall should do the same if ya ask me!



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