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Bye, bye waste series: 10 ways to reduce food waste

Bye, bye waste series: 10 ways to reduce food waste
Thanks for the awesome people at Karma app for helping me put this together. To learn more about the Karma app, read my interview with their COO waste champion here.

I absolutely hate wasting food. I stubbornly sit, when I’m dining out, and finish the god damn plate. When my flatmates throw out out-of-date items I get so irritated it bothers me for days.

I’m the type of vegan that by accident my meal gets served with cheese or eggs, I politely sit there and eat it because I’d hate to see it end up in a bin.

But what can be done to reduce food waste? Here are 10 awesome tips to reduce food waste that anyone can implement. 🙂

Small actions make a difference

Don’t think that in order to make a change you have to do something big. It can be easy to reduce food waste by simple means and actions.

Conscious food shopping

Plan ahead to shop smart and realistically in order to not overbuy. For example, make a shopping list or WRAP even suggests taking a fridge ‘shelfie’ – take photos of the fridge and cupboards before shopping to remind you what ingredients you already have. Also, it is good to keep track what you are throwing away and you should perhaps buy less of this item next time you shop.

Eco-friendly technology

Today there are several apps to help you live more mindfully, as well as make the most sustainable choices whilst grocery shopping and dining out. Using Karma App will help you to reduce food waste and also buy discounted edible food.

Mindful eating

By enjoying the food and eating slower, can help you to feel fuller, and might also lead to that you don’t over-serve food. Mindful eating helps us learn to hear what our body is telling us about hunger and satisfaction.

Take care of leftovers and surplus food

If there is surplus food, save it and keep it for the next couple of days. Some dishes even get tastier when they have been left overnight. Plan what you’re going to cook and how you’ll use the leftovers.

Know how to best store food

By storing the foods in the right place they tend to last much longer, and a lot of foods can be frozen and eaten at a much later date. It is easy to find good online guides on how to best store foods.

Avoid clutter in your fridge, pantry and freezer

Keep these areas organised and clean in order to see the items you have, and what items you might need to use up before it expires, what you might need to buy.

Treat expiration and sell-by dates as guidelines

Smell and taste the food before you throw it away, as this is a way to reduce waste. Earlier this year, Tesco removed “best before” labels from many of its fresh produce lines to help reduce waste, and we like to see more of these actions.

Get composting

If you have the possibility to create compost, this is a great way to grow herbs and even vegetables and reduce food waste at the same time. There are even small composters that can fit in an apartment.

Get involved in food waste charities & projects

You can support food waste charities like The Felix Project that collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold and deliver this surplus food to charities so they can provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society.


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