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Blue Monday: Apparently,​ there is one Monday a year when everyone is just a bit​ more depressed.

Blue Monday: Apparently,​ there is one Monday a year when everyone is just a bit​ more depressed.

Blue Monday might be an absolute horse shite, just pseudoscience, but I do think sometimes it’s nice to take a me-day. Or if you’re working this year like I am, my me-day is going to be more of a me-evening. Here’s how I intend to spend the “most depressing day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere”.

Finish work

Unfortunately, Monday, January 21st will be a regular day at the office for me. Meaning my me-evening won’t start till after 4pm when I leave the office.

Happy endorphins

After work, I’ll head home for a quick meal and continue with my usual routine, which is going to the gym. I’m a creature of habit, so I intend to keep that part of my day/evening unchanged. The physical exercise also helps with releasing some happy hormones in my body. That’s what we want on the “most depressing day of the year”, right?


How fitting, isn’t it? If you follow my personal twitter account, you’ll have seen me cry and moan over, how expensive and challenging it has been for me to go private. Well, it’s happened on January 14th at 7 pm I had my first session – as expected there was lots of crying.

I went into determined to request CBT for the unhealthy eating patterns that I have. However, we’re still trying to evaluate what approach will be most beneficial to me, as my new therapist feels I might need to address my past experiences and my depression first before we tackle any disordered eating.

Did someone say a treat?

Once returned from gym and therapy I’m bound to be both mentally and physically exhausted. This is when me-evening will commence.

Usually, I’d take a quick shower, and pretty much would go to bed. That’s what I do every evening, besides weekends, when I get in. I shower and then I’m in bed from like 8:30pm just catching up on youtube and going to bed for about 10 to 11pm.

However, not on today, Satan!

On this grim Monday, I’ll do myself a favour and take care of my skin by doing a face mask – radiant skin, here I come! I’ll have a lovely meal of the stuff that I already will have prepared in my fridge (creature of routine, remember) and maybe instead of getting lost in the black hole of YouTube I’ll watch a film on Netflix instead.

Now that I think about it, my day isn’t going to be very grand or that much more impressive, than usual. Since me-evening should about what I want to do and what works for my mental health, it’s only fitting that I shall do what’s best for me.

Any plans, how you’re going to spend the “most depressing night of the year”? Hopefully, whatever you do you’ll do it kindness in your heart.


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