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Keto two week update: okay, more like two weeks of failing and then another two weeks of barely keto-ing but trying really hard.

Keto two week update: okay, more like two weeks of failing and then another two weeks of barely keto-ing but trying really hard.
[gifted] Contains affiliate links. All views are my own and my reviews are 100% honest. Please note, I can only 'vouch' for the products that I have tried and not companies as a whole. :)

Keto is hard. Especially vegan keto. I started December 1st thinking I was going to rock this because I love a challenge, and this didn’t seem like a very difficult one.

Man, was I wrong.

I was going to be a vegan keto legend. A natural-born. I was going to make vegan keto my prison ‘friend’.

I’m writing this sort of in collab with a brand so I can’t really say ‘prison bitch’. Ups, I just did. This is why you should click on all the ads you see, help a sister make some side coin. I thought only my personal twitter was carrier destroying, now my blog is too. Yippy yay! I guess I’ll just have to keep my day job. *shrugging emoji*

Currently, I am very far from being a legend. I don’t want to say I’m a failure either but let’s say if keto was the ocean this life raft (me) is barely keeping afloat. Not sinking quite yet though.

All the benefits you’d expect with keto I have not experienced, not really. I like that I get to eat a lot of avocados and nuts, but without meat or eggs it’s harder to ‘keto successfully’.

I know people do it, don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen it. I follow the #veganketo hashtag on Instagram. They’re the keto legends!

Net carbs = Total carbs – fibre – sugar alcohols

Figuring my Net-Carbs has been a challenge. If any experiences keto-ers are reading this, what do you use to do this? At first, I was using Cronometer App, but I find it frustrating because SO MANY products are not on there. I suspect it’s because it’s more used overseas? Then I went back to the good ol’ MyFitnessPal, but unless I purchase the paid version it doesn’t calculate the carbs properly. That’s rather frustrating.


First two weeks: someone hold me, carbs are in everything


Going from high carb veganism to keto veganism is, um, hard. Maybe it’s not that it’s hard per se, I just need some re-adjusting.

My first two weeks were a complete and utter piss-take. Pardon my French.

Carbs are everywhere. The more I tried to keep carbs down the more I ate them? Surely that’s not how it should work? I’m sure that’s not how nutrition works. Right? Someone hold me.

Last two weeks: Christmas is a carb infested nightmare

I’ve started getting the hang of it. Planning my meals out isn’t that much more different. I’m used to meal prepping, so that’s made very little difference in my life.

However, Christmas season, while has been the best time to start in aid to avoid gaining too much weight, has also been a terrible time to start. Many festivities around this time of the year that are very much centred around food. Sigh. I’ve spoken before, how that’s not particularly great for my mental health.

Please throw me a safety jacket or something, I promise to put my oxygen mask first before helping anyone else

Two things have saved me while I’ve bee trying to keto. (I sound like every early-20s person that tries to adult. Ugh, what a cliche.)

Like a bad parent that’s messed up with their first child, I’ve put all my hopes and dreams into the second one – gym. I’ve been going somewhat religiously for a multitude of reasons – it really helps with my mental health, and it keeps the extra weight off.
No such luck with shedding lbs, but mainly because I’ve been eating (or rather boozing) some empty calories over the Christmas break. I’ve still enjoyed getting stronger. I always forget how good I feel when I start exercising again. I’ve really missed it.

I also owe it to Nutribuddy’s Hot Slim* for helping me along a bit with not rounding out even more around the edges – I mean there is only so far one can ‘round out’ until becoming a full circle.

Hot Slim is a great low-calorie (not so much low carb, even though it uses stevia as a sweetener, so that’s a plus) hot drink to replace all the indulgent hot chocolate cravings in the winter. It’s a great way to replace a late night snacking binge or satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus if combined with a proper diet and exercise routine, can be a great aid in weight loss. The awesome people at Nutribuddy suggest replacing one of your meals with the yummy drink. It’s not magic, but it’s darn close and delicious.

Anywho, I’m going to keep keto-ing, or attempting to keto. The next thing on my list is to get some actual advice on vegan keto, maybe read a book or two. Not to worry that will definitely come to Concepts by S. Until then I’m going to approach this clusterfuck that keto is with some kindness.

You should practice kindness too! Okay byeeeeeeeee!


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