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Bye, bye waste series: attempting greener and less wasteful​l living.

I am really, really, really scared of climate change and what effects it already has and will continue having on this planet. Recent predictions are not looking great. It’s all over the news – the record-breaking natural disasters, the ‘messed up’ weather conditions, the melting of ice caps, the numbers of species going extinct, the air and water pollution.

It’s great to see activists demanding change, organisations setting sustainability goals and businesses introducing biodegradable straws, textile shopping bags and other environmentally friendlier options.

I’ve come to realise that it’s finally time to take the matter into my own hands and start doing something about it myself as well. After all, it starts with one person.

Say hello to “bye, bye waste” series on Concepts by S.

I invite you to consider this: every single piece of plastic ever made still exists. Every single useless plastic veg wrapper, every single plastic toothbrush you’ve ever owned, every single plastic bag, every single plastic bottle still exists on this planet is some shape or form.

I realise that I will not go zero waste, zero plastic and zero contributing to pollution in a day. I’m hoping maybe some of my readers will tag along for this and we can make small changes that turn into more significant changes together. My vision for this series is to educate, showcase, and celebrate! And to educate myself and a handful of my readers; to showcase people, products and organisations.

To celebrate milestones.

“A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land use and water use,” said Joseph Poore, at the University of Oxford.



I realise that a massive contributor to climate change (among other causes) is the livestock industry. I’ve had a rocky few months in my veganism journey. I am trying, tho. I’m back to being plant-based and palm oil free for the most part.

While that is great, it will take more than just going back to my old eating habits. I’m looking to reform my lifestyle.

I guess my big realisation came when it registered to me that I was taking out the bin for the third time in the last five days. That’s how much rubbish my three people household produces.

I have many, many, many ideas for these series and I can’t wait for where it will take me. I want to talk about organisations and products and people that are zero waste gurus. I want to make a difference in my life and become more conscious. Lots to come. Hopefully soon! 🙂

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