50 things that make me happy pt.2.

When I originally wrote the first post of 50 things that make me happy I actually really struggled with it because it’s very difficult to put yourself in that ‘positive head space’. So here’s part two.

I’m starting to write this February 13th, 2017. Let’s see, how long this time it takes me to finish it this time.

  1. Working out/ exercising.
  2. Decluttering.
  3. Writing.
  4. Meal prepping.
  5. Long walks/hikes.
  6. Strawberries.
  7. Being outdoors.
  8. Picnics.
  9. Tan line free body.
  10. Pandas and panda videos. (I am still working on how to adopt a pet panda and hide it from my landlord. Any suggestions are welcome!)
  11. Beach.
  12. Mangos.
  13. When the different black articles of clothing in your outfit actually match and are the same shade of black. (It’s a daily struggle.)
  14. Podcats.
  15. Watermelon.
  16. Making lists.
  17. Sticky notes.
  18. Gym.
  19. Losing weight or rather losing fat and seeing results.
  20. Finding awesome vegan alternatives to yummy foods.
  21. Andrew Salgado’s work.
  22. My postgrad program.
  23. YouTube.
  24. Camp.
  25. Tequila.
  26. Healing myself mentally.
  27. Quayside.
  28. Spontaneous trips.
  29. Avocados.
  30. Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.
  31. Pooping.
  32. The Naked Deli desert cakes. *drooling*
  34. Pooping face selfies both sending and receiving.
  35. Making brownies.
  36. Tofu scramble.
  37. Microwave mug cakes.
  38. Documentaries.
  39. Dog walks.
  40. Fall. The grey skies with leaves changing colour. The scent of fall. Fall smells different to summer. It just does.
  41. Trying out new recipes.
  42. Red wine in Madrid.
  43. Reuniting with camp friends.
  44. Edame beans.
  45. This tweet.
  46. Coconut scented everything.
  47. My new flat. My new flatmates.
  48. My special cookies.
  49. Daniel Sloss.
  50. Fluxotine. Unfortunately. I mean by definition it’s my “happy pill”.

Let the record show, I completed this list on October 14th, 2018.

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