In photos: Adelaide (December 2017)

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Adelaide. Second leg of my time in Aussie land.

I’m so greatful for the warm welcome from Georgina and her family. Again congrats to James with his high school end results. :) Georgia, you and your family are god send, I swear. ( l’m not even religious!) Thank you for feeding me and giving me the biggest bed in the house, I mean seriously we should have been sharing it! Thank you to your dad for offering to buy out the entire pharmacy to get the me allergy medicine, hahahha. Adelaide also brought awkward family diner crashing, hahah and Georgia’s mom making awkward suggestions between me and Georgias baby brother. Hmm.

In Adelaide I met Georgia’s friends and family and was reminded of kindness and welcoming spirits. We went to the Silver Sand beach and I had never seen a beach where cars were part of the set-up on the beach. Another first here was definitely letting Georgia drag me and her friend around the water on a massive blow up mattress (the kind you’d bring with when going camping). The day was filled with endless laughter and cracking open a 1kg jar of hummus.

Seeing a not-in-a-zoo Koala bear was so cool even if our attempts at tracking down kangaroos resulted in two conclusions: birckenstocks are not made for hicking and kangaroo poo is basically forever taunting us. It was fun walking around the national park and turning familiar Christmas tunes into kangaroo summoning calls. Clearly those ended up being unsuccessful.

Adelaide was the place where I went strawberry picking 6 days before Christmas at a local farm. To say that was triply and cool would be an understatement. Some of these berries were size of my palm (not that my hands are very big but still).

I got to see Adelaide city as well, which unsurprisingly was also very lovely. I especially found the The Art Gallery Of South Australia charming and really well curated! I strongly recommend visiting it if you’re ever in Adelaide! Also the newer architecture of the city is very impressive and the river area around the Oval is very charming! Go visit Adelaide, already!

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