In photos: Melbourne (December 2017)

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Melbourne was something alright. The start of this entire trip was what some would call a disaster and as optimists would refer to as an adventure. I livedd trough it and I’m still on offence.

Firstly, the initial flight to Melbourne was both exhausting and eventful, to say the least. I was sporting cankles for few days. I mean 27 damn hours can do that to your ankles. Anyways, about 15 miles from Melbourne we hit some serious turbulence that didn’t stop for a good half an hour. It was so severe we ended up going back higher up and then approaching Melbourne from the other side. More than a handful of passengers thought it was their last day on this Earth so there was an uproar of panicked praying, breathing into plastic baggies and fair amount of armrest gripping. Other half of the plane was violently throwing up, that of course opened the floodgates of those with quesie stomachs. Oh what a joy. I, however, realise that I’m going to hell, because trough all of this I kept clapping my hands, giggling and proclaiming to anyone that would listen that it felt like a rollercoaster every time the plane would shift. I don’t think many people shared my sentiment. I mean, I know for a fact.

I got robbed in Melbourne, which put a damper on my trip, but I tried to keep in mind that I could and should still enjoy the city! Thank you to all of those panicking and offering to help. It was very much appreciated! Really made me realise how many awesome and caring people I have around me! I got robbed at the hostel by most likely someone staying in my room. I mean the hostel was a dump to begin with but that just put a cherry on top. It was in an excellent location, tho. And all wasn’t bad. I met Mike there a 40something divorcee staying there while looking for his new house. He was lovely and on multiple occasions provided to be a lovely microwave diner companion. Remember, I got robbed. Eating out was not an option. I also met Hanna at this said hostel, a 19-year-old German lass traveling during her gap year. I spent time with her too and it was really nice to meet likeminded human and explore Melbourne together!

Upon exploring Melbourne I realised that once you’ve seen a skyscraper or two, they’re no longer exciting. I do agree they make pretty skyline photos. So that side of the city did not excite me at all.

It was weird being here, I spent few days in Melbourne and just like trough out the rest of my Aussie trip, the amounts of Christmas decorations were tripping me out. For gods sake, if you have a good look at the photos then you’ll notice a blow up Santa by a surf shop. This to me is so backwards, it’s difficult to comprehend. The photo of blooming roses bush having been decorated with some Christmas tinsel really makes me giggle.

I did all the typical and expected from a tourist things. However, I do think the immigration museum is underrated! I loved the Royal Botanic gardens. Also the port area is beautiful! I spent an awesome day burning to crisp at St Kilda and a walk there from Port Melbourne beach is lovely. I was gonna walk further and have a look at the Brighton beach but I was so burnt that day even the thought of having to spend another few h in the sun was making me sick. I gotta admit, all the surf, paddle board etc. instructors were making me very thirsty. I mean, people in Melbourne (and AUS in general of what I saw) are smoken’! I’m pretty sure I could be followed by the trail of drool I left behind.

Another cool thing was seeing some live gigs at the Federation Square. Props to the awesome Duan and Julia Lostrom (their Spotify stuff is here)!

The conservatory at the Fitzroy Gardens was a little get away oasis for me and Hanna. We were both gasping and getting zen simoteniously. I was surprised how very few people were there in comparison to other tourist-y attractions Melbourne has to offer!

As for no surprise the Victoria Market hands down was one of my favourite places. Every trip I’ve ever taken I make a point to see a local market. I simply enjoy the buzz and assortment of foods available at these places.

I’d like to note, thank you Georgia for the suggestion, that getting lost in Fitzroy area was really cool. It’s sort of an alternative area with really quirky looking architecture and surroundings!

One of my favourite things about Melbourne were the back alleys filled with colourful street art. As I mentioned in my blog post on Barcelona, street art and murals really inspire me.

To finish this post off, the main thing I learned during my time in Melbourne is that I should find a Greek husband as I am a good woman. This revolution was courtesy of an elderly gentleman approaching me on the street somewhere in the Albert Park area.

Until next time go spread some kindness and for gods sake enjoy a bit of the stuff world has to offer!

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