On traveling, buying things, never making enough and living​ for right now.

Originally written sometime in April 2017.

I am typing this as I am on the train to Edinburgh from where in couple hours I will be catching my flight to Spain. I have barely enough money in my bank account to cover my hostel and definitely not enough to live ‘ravish’ for 8 days in Barcelona. I have a steady job that pays my bills, I am making more money than I did when I was on my placement (I was severely underpaid but that’s a story for another day) working full-time. Somehow, I traveled back then when I was making less and I am traveling now when I am making a bit more but still somehow in both scenarios I am traveling on a tight budget and barely making the ends meet.

Money really is a concept invented by humans and while a very much-needed to sustain our society, it’s also the bane of all evil and certainly the root of of most of my problems (always has been really, but that’s something therapy has helped me understand; a story for another day). A funny thing money is, depending on how much you have it your lifestyle changes as well. As consumers, we are programmed to consume and spend beyond our income. I am guilty of this as well. I consider myself a minimalist and by some standards I truly am when considering my possessions or income, however, at the same time I am also a consumer that spends too much. What is too much, you may ask? Some minimalists will, for example, say that one needs to pay off their debts before, for example, going traveling. I have got student debt, according to this, I’m living beyond what I can afford and therefore should not be traveling. In theory, I am living on negative money as I am in debt. By the time I finish masters degree my debt will be somewhere between £40-£50k. I don’t want this to stop me from living certain experiences. You see, there are things money can’t buy. The little amount of money that I have, I can buy some experiences with and I will be damned if I spend my 20s missing out on life.

I think as a student (probably the most skinned I’ll be in my life ever) I ought it to myself to stay in questionable hostels, see every free attraction available and eat sandwiches made during breakfast for dinner and tea, see museums, hike mountains to see cities below and never stop exploring. Because the truth is, I will never be making enough money, I will never have enough free time and I will never be comfortable enough to just take off, but the best things in life come from not being comfortable, from having to figure out if paying my phone bill really is more important than exploring new places. My phone bill is not going anywhere, I can pay it late – probably not the wisest or responsible way to live life, but what the heck I am 22 years old and I ain’t got nothing to lose.

What I mean is, if you ask the richest person in the world, they’ll probably tell you that they got there by working hard and compromising their life at some point and even as the wealthiest person on the planet they probably wouldn’t be opposed to making more money. That’s not what I aspire to, at least not anymore. So to hell with it all that’s why I am on the train and afterward catching a flight to go on a holiday I can’t afford. Because if I wait it out, well I’ll just be waiting out my life because there never be a more right moment than just right now.

Right now, I want to spread kindness and explore the world and I encourage you to do the same! :)

Edited and continued October 17th.

I am continuing this post almost 6 months later after a recent trip whilst in the midst of planning my next adventure. Not much has changed recently, I still scramble every month whatever I can to be able to see a bit more. I quickly want to highlight that recently on our way home from the airport after the improv Switzerland trip (photos are coming) me and Gabs had a brief conversation with a lady that worked for Tyne Metro and was monitoring the replacement bus service. She casually asked about our suitcases and if we were coming from the airport and how annoying it must be to have to get a replacement bus when it was very clear that we were extremely tired. At this point I was too exhausted to hold a polite conversation so I just sat there quiet, but Gabs being sweetheart that she is, explained to the woman where we had been and what we had been up to and then the woman said something that I think is very important for what I am trying to say in this rambly blog post, she said: “I wish I had done that. I now have regrets.”

I think I will leave this at that.




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