Tickle my fancy: summer.

Book:  Chris Thompson’s ‘Six In A Row’. Amazon review: I can’t comment on the accuracy of the football player names or the game descriptions but as someone who’s not interested in football whatsoever I still very much enjoyed the book. It’s filled with humor and life lessons, it’s ironic and the main character is both frustrating and compelling. You’d think with the book focusing on real-life events it would be predictable, but the author has found a way to keep the readers on their toes. I definitely recommend!

Article: Jack Milford’s ‘Rhetorical revolution: from Cicero to Trump’

Video: Claire Wineland’s ‘what it feels like to die’

Album: Logic ‘ΞVERYBODY’

Song: Rise Against – Swing Life Away Shoutout to everyone I shared this song with, shoutout to camp buddies. Thank you for an amazing summer! I miss you all.

Pick up line: The only STD I have right now is sexually turbulent desire for you.

Netflix: I know I am relatively late to the party, but… 13 Reasons Why.   

Beauty: Two Faced ‘Glitter’ palette. It’s so ****ing beautiful! (Note added October 10th: unfortunately, it’s also not vegan which I stupidly didn’t check upon purchasing. It is, however, cruelty-free.)

Another book: Daniel Keyes – Flowers for Algernon.



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