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Why the world needed Trump to happen.

Why the world needed Trump to happen.

We are very likely on the brink of World War III and it is scary. Okay, so I do not agree with Donald Trump nor am I a supporter of his. I still think he’s a racist, sexist and a bigot pig. Actually no, pigs are rather nice and it’s a disgrace to pigs everywhere to compare the talking orange sack with hay hair to a pig. But you know what I mean. The headline is rather racy, isn’t it? But I promise this piece has both lighthearted humour and some facts. I’ve long said, that one of the biggest issues with today’s society is its ignorance towards social issues. That’s why most successful PR campaigns are those that showcase real people, real issues, and change perspectives. Think If London were Syria video campaign, Like A Girl and more recently the It Can Wait heartbreaking video campaign to name a few. You remember the ALS Ice bucket challenge? Great PR campaign, wasn’t it? Basically, for those already forgotten the idea was to record a video of pouring a bucket full of ice cold water to sort of resemble the state and feel of a body of someone suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (I had to google it). Well, I know it’s been a long introduction for the analogy that I am about to make, but Donald Trump is the ice bucket and, America, you’ve just poured it over your head. Similarly, as with the ALS ice bucket challenge, it’s a good thing (well, sort of) because now you, America, understand and you can start working towards helping. And just like the original challenge, Trump’s presidency has gone ‘viral’ and the world has not only taken notice but is also joining in on the fight.  And we are already seeing it happen – Trump has given America and the world a collective voice and people are speaking up via their actions, words and political engagement!

People are paying for press again

Donald Trump is single-handedly keeping some journalist employed or so it feels sometimes with the coverage he’s gaining with his rubbish-talking and policy-making. After the fake news hoax and the terrifying amounts of false stories circulating around social media during the election period, the wiser citizens are going back to trustworthy and reputable news sources! When I wrote about fake news couple weeks ago I also noted that newspapers are seeing a rise in subscriptions and page views. According to the Economist The New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal have especially experienced this as readers are demanding high-quality journalism and analysis that these particular news establishments provide. Thanks, Donald, for keeping journalists busy and reminding people where exactly they should be getting their news from!

People are pissed and instead of complaining to their pets/partners etc. they are going into the streets and speaking up

The woman’s march in January or the airport protests after the Muslim ban, which thankfully was overruled, hekem, twice, are prime examples of people not tolerating Trump’s shit (pardon my french, I really couldn’t think of a better noun to describe this). And today it is more important than ever! Political activism, while takes time, works and is important to generate any sort of change. In February NPR reported that there has been an increase in the number of women considering to run for office as organizations that work with women in preparation for such challenge have experienced an increase of interest not seen in at least 25 years. In January The Independent reported that at least 37 cities across the USA (including San Fran, NYC, Portland, OR) have said that they will not comply with Trump’s more aggressive immigration policies. My personal favourite was NYC mayor Bill de Blasio’s response #AlwaysNYC. Bonus: Here’s a calendar by Bustle of the upcoming anti-Trump protest, if you’d like to get involved! 🙂 Thanks, Donald, for pissing off enough people that they are willing to take time out of their day to tell you and the world exactly where you can stick it!

The rise and accuracy of political comedy

As the creator/narrator (?) of this Vox video put it: “Political satire has something that TV news lacks: a really low tolerance for bullshit.” Which basically means:

  1. You get to have really funny evenings and blow off some needed steam;
  2. The satire is encouraging you to see past the Trump bullshit and use common sense.

Thanks, Donald, for making up such absurd lies that I am now an active viewer of Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee and John Oliver to name a few.

People are voting with their $

As GQ referred to it, people have taken on a shape of protest that’s actually proven to be effective – rage donation. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which has vowed to mount legal challenges to a number of Trump’s policy proposals, raised $24 million the weekend Trump announced the travel ban. Furthermore, The Atlantic reported that three days after the election Planned Parenthood (PP) received almost $80 thousand in donations. The Independent stated that PP received more than 300 000 individual donations in the first six weeks post-election, 40 times normal rate. Ironically and totally fuck-yes 82 000 of those, according to Cosmopolitan, were made in the name of the vice president Mike Pence, who’s as referred to by Vox is one of the most ‘anti-abortion republicans’. Thanks, Donald and Pence, because PP sends Pence’s office a thank you certificate every time a donation in his name is made and it’s totally making my day every time I think about it.

Lastly, internet trolls are having a field that with Trump memes

Feel free to go down that rabbit hole, it’s been my favourite activity while procrastinating. But of course, nothing beats Obama’s and Biden’s bromance memes! Thanks, Donald, for being so utterly ridiculous it makes really funny memes. Anyways, go spread some kindness with the world, we really need it right now!


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