In photos: Barcelona (April 2017)

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When I first visited Barcelona a few years ago I only got to see the ‘pretty’ and ‘touristy’ side of this city. This time around I had more time to explore the city and maybe others fall in love with the arguably stunning architecture or the people, food, lifestyle whatever it may be. However, this is my take on the city and what I find so incredibly breathtaking abut this city.


I find Barcelona inspiring. There is art everywhere in the architecture, in the museums, but most importantly when you leave the glitz and the glam of city center there is street art the raw kind. It’s very similar to Rome where once you venture out to where the actual people live the city looks completely different gone is the fancy architecture and the streets with crisp road lines. Once you leave the perfectly made up tourist bubble what makes the city inspiring are the chipped building walls, painted and repainted but never quite matching the shade right, Vespas littered on every corner in vibrant colors with a high shine finish, graffitis and broken fences complementing each other like two halves of the same whole. Most importantly, I love, and some may disagree, how when places close for the day and the shutters get pulled down they are mosy likely covered in some form of graffiti, I believe it adds to the character!

Getting lost but not really.

Of course, you can still get lost in the city, but maybe not so much in the traditional sense. Initially, the city is a gigantic grid, which makes following a map (both a digital or an old school paper one) easy. I am someone, who can and has gotten lost multiple times on the same street that I have walked on hundreds of times before. With Barcelona as long as you’re walking in the correct direction you are most likely going to reach your destination. Also, there is free wifi available around the city for a quick Google Maps check in an emergency situation.


As a cyclist, I love seeing progressive cities offering cycling friendly roads and people actually using this as a convenient and reliable mean of transportation. There really isn’t much more to add regards this.


Everyone is so damn attractive here. I am not sure if it’s the olive skin tone, the fiery language or the sun is simply getting to me but I have never seen so many beautiful people in one place and at the same damn time.


I think this one is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s a magical drink!

Fresh food everywhere.

The little corner shops selling strawberries, watermelons, mangos and avocados make me absolutely delighted to be walking around the city. Firstly, it adds color to the city and also secondly adds a bit of character.

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