The fear of being alone.

I used to think (foolishly if I may add) that being alone and being lovely was the same thing. I’m not just referring to being relationshipless but also doing things for yourself by yourself, you know alone.

Have you seen that silly video floating around internet where in what appears to be a waiting area for doctors or something of that sort, people start randomly standing up after a beep and this one person, who isn’t on this, start’s following suit, because people are like sheep, we can’t stand to be independent and different, but rather follow the crowd hence why peer pressure is such a great issue and why there is so little originality out there.

I don’t think of myself as rebellious or brave, but I have learned to enjoy my own company and to be comfortable and happy doing things alone. When I went to Rome alone it was one of the scariest experiences of my life, but I also remember how proud I felt after overcoming my insecurities and finding myself being comfortable with having a meal alone, while sitting at a street side table without pretending like I was waiting for someone or burying my nose into my phone to hide the shame. Instead, I embraced it and had a lovely meal. I went to a concert alone tonight and it wasn’t my first time seeing this band by myself either. At first, it always seems scary and awkward like people are judging me or pitying me for being alone, but the truth is, why should they care? Going back to what I mentioned at first, being lonely and being alone are two completely different things. Me attending a concert by myself, enjoying myself, dancing and signing by myself is not sad and it doesn’t mean I have no friend or I’m lonely. On contrary, it means I’m comfortable with myself, I’m confident and I’m not a sheep.

I encourage everyone to spend a bit of time by themselves, I believe it’s good for the soul and growing as an individual and while you’re at it spread some kindness too.

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