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Elite Newcastle: 6-week body transformation

Elite Newcastle: 6-week body transformation

Hello, what follows is my diary of the 6-week journey of losing 20lbs and getting fitter. 🙂


Basically Elite: Transform is a 6-week challenge/ boot camp to improve your fitness, weight loss, eating, creating habits etc. It’s about making positive changes, becoming active, building and becoming a part of a community, changing and challenging yourself both physically and mentally. For more info check out Elite website. They offer different programs for different fitness levels or goals so if the 6-week challenge isn’t for you there are other options you can consider and join Elite fam! They have got location in North East and I think a new location in Manchester.

Post week 1

As I am typing this I have just had my first weigh in and I’ve officially started week 2 of the challenge. I’ve got a be honest and say I didn’t find the first week difficult at all, I didn’t really have any major cravings and the workouts were definitely welcome. I didn’t feel hungry either. I know I had such good results the first week because it’s all water weight but I am still super stoked! Our group’s trainer is awesome beyond words. Anthony, if you are reading this by any bizarre chance, thank you for making me sweat this week.

I’m following the provided vegan plan very closely. I have to admit, I didn’t do my homework over the weekend. Other than that I’ve been living, breathing and swearing by the plan.

Note: you’re supposed to have 3 Elite sessions and then 3 days of ‘homework’ (cardio intensive preferably). 

Post week 2

This week has been tough. I pulled trough, tho. Not gonna lie, I cheated a bit here and there, had about 10 extra rice cakes throughout the week and about 3-4 handful of nuts. I guess in the grand scheme of things it’s not too bad. I’m nervous for next week as I’m traveling. We will see. I’ve set myself a mini goal of 4lbs a week.

Post Elite note: To me snacking has always been my biggest ‘hurdle’ and realizing now that a ‘naughty’ snacking is rice cakes and nuts really show’s, how much my thinking has changed throughout this journey. 

Post week 3

I did 3 training days in a row (Mon, Tue and Wed) before going home and 3 training days (Thu, Fri, Sat) after I got back to the UK. I was petrified I’d gain weight while traveling (I had nuts, soooooo many nuts). I did well at home, though, as I did not drink nor have any ‘bad’ foods. I skipped sister’s birthday cake and fast foods when we went out eating. Overall I followed the plan and I exercised every day (those homework videos really came in handy) while visiting home. My mom had given me some gingerbread as a post-Christmas present and I have it on my shelf unopened. But I refuse to give up, I refuse to be another statistic of failed weight loss.

Post Elite note: The gingerbread has now been consumed, hahah. 

Beginning week 5

I am very happy human today. One thing I was petrified about was gaining/not losing while traveling. Thankfully, I’ve managed to lose whopping 6 pounds since the last weight in beginning week 3. I had set a personal goal to be -15 by my return to routine and having achieved that and an extra pound in the last two weeks makes all the hard work worth it! I’d like to smash this challenge and be 20lbs down by the start of week 6. We shall see, how that will go!

Stress eating is the bane of my existence. I have a final year project deadline next week. I had a peanut butter incident this week. I am sure this will have an effect on my scale results this week.

Post week 5

Didn’t reach my 4lbs challenge, to be fair I’m just delighted I didn’t gain considering the slip of polishing a peanut butter jar in like 2 days. Also sleeping 4h a night and training is not a combination I recommend.


I think when I started the challenge I already had all the right tools – I enjoyed exercising and I was eating okay-ish 50% of the time. The main thing I’ve learned from this is portion control and eating all throughout the day instead of just in the evenings as that was something I was guilty of before.

Elite review I wrote for their Facebook page

I’m writing this while riding my post-workout endorphin high and I can’t believe I’m even typing this but I’ll miss my 7:30 am sessions.
Not gonna lie I was anxious first joining. 20lbs seemed like a lot and 6 weeks nearly not enough. Getting fit had never really ‘worked’ for me in the past, I had all the right tools already – I was exercising ‘semi’ regularly, but not doing the right things and I thought that as a vegan I was eating ‘semi’ alright but I was just doing it all wrong. Elite helped me get it right with the meal plan and the workout session.
I gotta give a massive shoutout to all the trainers, they’re the ones with the thoughts job. Massive thank you to Anthony, who was my group’s main trainer! Dude, if you’re reading this by any chance thank you for making my morning three times a week fun, I secretly appreciated all the calling out, messing with me and poking fun. If you tell this I anyone, I will deny it (just completely made that statement irrelevant by posting this on Facebook 🙈).
It’s the little things that will keep you going throughout this like counting how many times your trainer keeps shouting “keep moving” throughout the workout and then proposing to make a drinking game (of green tea, of course, 😜) out of the recording and taking a drink every time he would shout the phrase or like the ‘no stoppy’ rule or the ridiculous dancing that takes place mainly by trainers while you’ll be doing burpees for like 100nth time.
It also takes determination, dedication, and patience. Seeing results is motivating but some weeks weight ins can be disappointing, the challenge comes from not giving up at those times rather than just keeping up with your plan.
FTP (follow the plan) will become the acronym of your life for the duration of your six-week program.
Overall, if you’re still reading this far, I think you’ve already shown enough interest to join and see what elite has to offer for you!


WHERE DID MY BOOBS DISAPPEAR? I did not make it more flattering on me with the after photo as I came in literally after a 3-mile run, haha. But that’s that. People had been asking me non-stop about Elite and I made it very public as well so I thought it only made sense to document this and publish it on here. 🙂

So what’s next for me? Well, I go on holiday in April so I’ve set myself a new goal of rocking a bikini at the beach with minimum flab. I’ve also decided to stay with Elite and have joined the Focus program for the next 3 months.

Go spread some kindness!

Note added November 23rd, 2018: I’ve heard that a lot has changed at the gym. I was a member for a year and absolutely loved my time there. Since this is one of my most viewed posts I have ever written, I feel it’s my responsibility to clarify that a lot has changed at Elite Newcastle since I was a member there. I don’t know any of the new trainers, management or have been at the facilities for over a year now.



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    Good on you! This is a great effort!

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