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Do vegans care about animals more than people? – or why I went vegan, part1.

This is part one of two-part blog entries about veganism. This should explain and reflect on all the why’s, but’s, how’s and so on and so forth.
Part one (this post) will highlight how I came about going vegan, how I am adjusting and how I find it. Part two will be FAQ’s and anything else that I hadn’t covered in part one.
I think I have already answered the ‘why’ question with the educate yourself on veganism blog entry. For those, who didn’t bother reading that post – I went vegan for humanitarian, ethical and environmental reasons.
How I went vegan is a very simple yet very complicated question. I have been vegan for couple months now and at first, I didn’t really want to parade about this, because I feel like there is a certain stigma following veganism – all the fools in the world always think they know best. I changed my diet overnight. Just like that, I was vegan. I haven’t looked back since. As for my lifestyle, I am still adjusting. It turns out there is so much change. I still own two pairs of leather shoes (I will not disrespect the animal that died) and throw the unsalable items away. There is still discussion on this in the vegan community, some will agree with me and some vegans are very against it. I do agree with the majority of vegans that an animal by-product has certain ‘representation’. To me a pair of leather shoes now represents suffering and cruelty, I find myself not reaching for these items on day to day basis.
Unfortunately, I guess I am a bit of hypocrite as my hygiene, cleaning and beauty items all are not 100% vegan, but they certainly are 100% cruelty-free. I will admit that you have to go out of your way a little to shop cruelty-free, but it certainly isn’t impossible. Also, I am sure in a big city like London, it is even easier. If I am honest, the only reason why I don’t always purchase vegan household, beauty or hygiene items is because (a) I am still very new to this lifestyle and I am still learning and (b) a lot of items, I can’t either access or they are very expensive. Stuff can certainly be found online, but that again complicates things a little. And last, but not least (c) I am still using up my old products.
As for me adjusting to veganism, I would lie, if I said sometimes it isn’t hard. But I also would be lying, if I said, I have never been happier, because I am, I am so damn happy. I think the reason why people sometimes approach veganism and fail is that they think they either like something too much or they restrict. As a vegan, I know there are plenty of alternatives available to replace any of my non-vegan cravings. It is also a known fact that sometimes, when your body craves something, it just indicates a deficiency in your body and you should be eating something else – kind of like in these photos (1 2 3 4). As for liking or disliking certain foods? Well, I am vegan. I can also honestly say that I love cheese. When I see cheese, I would be lying if I said, I find it unappealing. The main point here is – would I eat cheese? No. Some vegans might have loved steak before they went vegan. Would that mean they now hate steak? Taste wise probably not (they might hate what the stake represents). Would they eat stake because they used to find it tasty? No.
Food shopping now is easier, because I am starting to familiarize with products that are vegan-friendly. At first, I would spend up to twenty minutes in a bread aisle, trying to find vegan bread. I would have to check every single cereal box, to see if the ingredients would be vegan-friendly – most of them aren’t if you’re wondering and I have pretty much given up on the processed sugary cereals, but that’s a topic for another day.
All in all, I am doing great, I love it and I don’t miss anything at all. Hope this answered some of your questions, tamed your curiosity a bit and remember to come back in about a week and read part two post! Be kind to one and other.
Originally written August 10th, 2015. Edited November 23rd, 2018.


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