What was your first time like?

Note, this post was originally published December 16th, 2014 on my old blog, edited November 27th, 2016. I decided to only leave a small extract of the original post as to be honest for the most part the content was rubbish, but I quite liked this one paragraph. 

First times is a funny concept, when we are born we are innocent and programmed to love, this is the time span when we tend to experience a lot of firsts – first words, first steps, first teeth, first tears, but with time the firsts take a sharp U-turn and with years come first heartbreak, first responsibility, first grey hair even. I remember reading in a book once how, you can see the life stripping away child’s innocence by the way they refer to their parents because it starts as simple as momma and dadda, later grows into mommy and daddy and somewhere lost in translation after all those firsts it becomes mother and father.

So there you the one paragraph that made it, the one paragraph I deemed somewhat worth of being part of ‘Concepts by S’. On that note put away your electronics and go spread some kindness in the world.

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