50 things that make me happy.

I believe during this awful time – look at what’s happening around the world – it’s important to find comfort in small things to keep positive, here are 50 little things that make me happy. Coming up with this list was surprisingly harder than I thought it would. I guess that’s rather sad and sort of a red flag, wouldn’t you agree?

P.s. That’s a very happy Simona in the photo above from a few summers ago.

  1. Grocery shopping and cooking nice meals.
  2. The market (for food) and little street markets.
  3.  Freshly shaved legs and other bits *;)*.
  4. Gigs.
  5. Christmas – decorations, gingerbread, music.
  6. Red peonies.
  7. Snow.
  8. My mom.
  9. Slam poetry.
  10. Bookshops and books (duh).
  11. Statement lipsticks.
  12. Girls nights with some hot chocolate.
  13. The smell of linden trees blooming.
  14. Crisp winter air.
  15.  People like me that don’t know the difference between clementines, satsumas, and tangerines.
  16. Oreos (lately the golden flavor ones have been my favorite).
  17. Hugs.
  18. Dogs, dog videos – PUPPIES.
  19. Breakfast.
  20. Random people giving you a smile on the street.
  21. Pineapples.
  22. Ellen DeGeneres.
  23. The smell of fresh cut grass.
  24. Feminists.
  25. Spinning classes (especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays).
  26. Rain (my hair, however, disagrees, duh).
  27. Foreign countries, cities, and cultures.
  28.  Sweet peas (the flower, duh).
  29. Sundays (Fridays are pretty cool too, usually).
  30. Scented candles.
  31. Sunshine – especially that warming feeling in the winter when you catch a bit of warmth from the sun.
  32. The smell of jasmines in the air.
  33. The smell of lilacs lingering in the air.
  34. Bananas (stop with the minion jokes, tho).
  35. Fresh sheets on the bed.
  36. People that can take good banter and slightly offensive jokes are my people.
  37. Wine.
  38. Charity shops.
  39. Drag and burlesque performers (Dita Von Teese, anyone?).
  40. Sweet potato wedges.
  41. Presents that are meant to keep someone warm like jumpers, socks, scarfs etc.
  42. Frozen grapes.
  43. Unicorns (bonus: rainbows and glitter).
  44. Productive days at work
  45. Bubble baths.
  46. Friends (duh).
  47. Black everything – soul, heart, clothes, men *;)* etc.
  48. Vegans and environmentalists.
  49. Fellow cyclists greeting you on the street.
  50. Kindness so be kind to one and other.

Originally written November 27th, 2016, edited January 14th, 2017.

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