What I like to call ‘the vegan pressure’.


I’m not sure, if this is a ‘thing’ but it’s certainly an observation of mine and I like to refer to it as: ‘the vegan pressure’.

Ideally, the whole world would go vegan in one day and we would save animals, this planet and people living on it, however, realistically this isn’t going to happen. I am sick of people referring to vegans as grass eating psychos, because of certain individuals coming across very aggressive towards non-vegans. While I definitely agree with the message, I think Freelee telling people that if they are not vegan deserve to die, is a little too extreme and not every vegan is as bonkers as Freelee. While I stand by her as a loud vegan voice, I don’t think this ‘vegan pressure’ technique will get us far as a movement.

Putting aside, what I ideally believe, I am happy to see people around me make small changes that better their lives, animal lives and everything else in-between. ‘Vegan pressure’ is a phenomenon that suggests that things are either white or black, which is certainly not true in this society. I’d much rather see someone integrate a full proof vegetarian diet and then slowly transition to a vegan lifestyle rather than have them go vegan out of the blue and then either binge a week later or not do enough research and keep contributing to the animal torture in other industries. I have said it numerous times, but ignorance is the worst enemy of this society and it doesn’t make you any better of a human if you shift from being an ignorant meat eater and ignorant vegan. Everyone makes mistakes, but there is a difference between not being aware of information, but constantly doing your research and not just closing your eyes, blocking your ears with your hands and lallala-ing in a loud singsong voice.

‘Vegan pressure’ is something didn’t really bother me until recently when one of my vegetarian friends confessed to me that she felt extensively guilty for not being a vegan. This is when I realized that if this is how my friend was feeling then there must be other people going through the same struggle. While I can’t make you feel better and while I think you should give vegan lifestyle a go, I think it needs to be at the right time. You need to be ready and willing for the change. Believe me, you need strength to fight any craving you might get or learn to deal with socially awkward situations when you are the only vegan in your group of friends and there is nothing you can have in a restaurant. You need to learn to walk before you can run and for some people even vegetarianism in a huge change in their lives, while I had been a pescetarian for years so my transition was far less complicated.

My advice to those ‘fetus’ vegans and other considering vegan lifestyle is – don’t give in the ‘vegan pressure’ as with any social pressure you need to find your inner clock and deal with the issues one at a time in your own time and pace. Stay kind to one and other and go vegan. :)

Originally posted August 3rd, 2016, edited January 14th, 2017.


  1. mikefleckcreator

    Nicely said! I had to slowly transition to a vegan diet myself. Luckily I didn’t feel too much outside pressure, it felt more of a decision I made myself. I’d never heard of freely before, it sounds like she’s pretty extreme! I would never wish that upon my meat eating friends. Great piece, do you feature your writing with any other sites at all?


    1. I have mixed feelings about Freelee. On one hand I am not a fan, but she has such a large voice and she reaches massive audiences, which is important to raise awareness. No, I have just started this blog, I had a blog before, but I’ve left that in the past. :)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mikefleckcreator

        I understand, it is definitely important to spread the message you’re right. If you’d like to feature some articles with us at creators.co then feel free to shoot me an email here – mike.fleck@creators.co


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