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Concepts by S is live (ish).

Hello and welcome to Concepts by S. For those, who have read my old blog, this is something new and different. My old blog is no longer active (it’s still live for the time being, but probably not of long). I’ve switched my blogging platforms (WordPress is so confusing at times comparing to BlogSpot) and the whole concept and scope of content that this site will have. I intend this blog to serve two purposes: (1) I want to grow this into a platform for my PR portfolio (graduation is sneaking up on me – this is still in progress) and (2) continue blogging about things that matter to me, but create content that is more objective, critical and simply better quality that what was seen on my old blog.

Concepts by S is nowhere near at a point that I want it to be, but I feel like it will take me far too long to get it to perfection before I start working on content. I want to start writing again and other bits of this will fall in their place as Concepts by S grow. Let’s call this ‘documenting the growth journey’.

I will slowly start editing content that I have from my old blog and repost it here (this will be clearly disclosed at the beginning of the post) as well start writing new content. I don’t plan on having regular updates or a posting schedule simply because this (1) is my creative outlet and (2) quality over quantity.

I guess that’s all for now. Until you hear from me soon, go spread some kindness.

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