Concept (n.) an abstract or an idea.


Fat is just an adjective just like a middle finger is just a body part. I am fat and here’s my midle finger to society.

fat (adj.) (of a person or animal) having a large amount of excess flesh. (of an animal bred for food) made plump for slaughter. containing much fat. large in bulk or circumference. used ironically to express the belief that something is unlikely or does not exist. – From google dictionary I am fat. There I said it. Now get over it. It’s a fact. Point blank. I honestly don’t understand the avoidance of the word ‘fat’. I mean you’re either thin or fat, these are two antonyms just like big and small. It’s just an adjective. I have never naturally…

Tickle my fancy: fall

YouTube: I Love You Jesus Music Video – Trisha Paytas (Because only Trisha can have a video about her sugar daddy experiences and then this… I mean. Queen. Brain fart.) Movie: Lolita Tool: Double Check For Vegans (ingredient check) Instagram: BoopMyNose Twitter: Thoughts of Dog Stand up: Frenchy (especially this set) Tip: coconut oil for makeup removing, if like me you struggle with dry skin in the winter. Product: SIMS pet edition (Dan and Phil playing it) Pickup line: What’s your favorite silverware? Because I like to spoon! Murder mystery: The murder of JonBenét Ramsey. For this that I know of my low-key disturbing serial killer…

Mental wellbeing. Hi, I’ve started therapy.

There is a certain stigma that follows mental illness, especially where I come from. Having mental issues is seen as phony and shameful. I think in a lot of ways society fails those with mental disorders because of these stereotypes and the momentum of ‘just suck it up’. In truth, mental health is much broader than your ‘typical’, ‘average’, ‘popular’, ‘common’ or ‘more known of’ mental issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders or more serious illnesses like narcissism, schizophrenia etc. Mental wellbeing is not a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow bridge that everyone without a mental disorder magically crosses….

In photos: Switzerland (October 2017)

Here’s a snapshot of my and Gabs trip to Switzerland! This was an absolutely spontaneous weekend getaway for me and Gabs and it was beautiful! Switzerland is very, very expensive, but every penny spent was worth it! This was an absolutely spontaneous weekend getaway for me and Gabs and it was beautiful! Switzerland is very, very expensive, but every penny spent was worth it! During the weekend we got to try yummy cocktails, boil pasta in a kettle, rent a convertible and enjoy the sunshine and a light breeze in our hair, take a car train (yes, it’s a thing), see beautiful mountain…

In photos: Disney Kingdom Orlando (August 2017)

    I swear I have about 200 photos of the Disney castle alone so I am only posting few, but man the nighttime fireworks and light show is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me! To add to that I have another 500 photos of all the Disney characters that I have not included here because I don’t think anyone wants to see my fangirling face of meeting Ariel… She was very cute! A massive thank you to Liz for having me and joining me at Disney. I love you and miss you, guuuuurl!

Cruelty-free​ vs. vegan.

As a ‘seasoned’ vegan I should have my vegan makeup game down, but I don’t. So I am doing my research today and sharing it with the handful of readers I have. cruelty-free: (adj.) (of cosmetics or other commercial products) manufactured or developed by methods which do not involve cruelty to animals. A product that is vegan does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. To many the term “vegan” also means that a product is free from animal testing as well. – Source What is the difference? When a cosmetics company takes a pledge to avoid unnecessarily product or ingredient testing…

In Photos: Bangor, ME (August 2017)

I would also like to give Alec (he’s in some of the photos) and his lovely family an official thank you for hosting me and showing me around! Also to Alec’s teammates that we told that I was the new shot pusher and joining the track team, well, it was lovely to crash your practices and I wish you a great season. GO UMAINE BLACK BEARS! I realize my blog recently has been flooded with posts of travel photos. I am going to be posting more written content soon, but in all honesty, I’ve just been in a creative funk and at…

On traveling, buying things, never making enough and living​ for right now.

Originally written sometime in April 2017. I am typing this as I am on the train to Edinburgh from where in couple hours I will be catching my flight to Spain. I have barely enough money in my bank account to cover my hostel and definitely not enough to live ‘ravish’ for 8 days in Barcelona. I have a steady job that pays my bills, I am making more money than I did when I was on my placement (I was severely underpaid but that’s a story for another day) working full-time. Somehow, I traveled back then when I was…

In photos: Boston (August 2017)

  Few photos from my time in Boston. I’d quickly like to note that Boston was my favorite city I had the pleasure of visiting this summer in the US. The Freedom Trail is an incredible way to explore the city and its history. In a nutshell, it’s a trail that runs all the way across the city and it’s marked with a red brick trail into the pathways, it’s very easy to follow. Pro tip: If you’re looking for a skyline of the city Independence Wharf’s viewing deck is open to visitors for free to access during the opening hours….